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  1. ivan2301
  2. Emil
    Emil kawaii
    hello i from russia and write you with translater
    When I bought the cheat I was the god of the pillbox, raised to 4,500 and was completely satisfied with the purchase, but why do not you fix the departures from the pillbox? In the end, that the pillbox was working badly, I now live on 3k!
  3. ddolgavin
    ddolgavin kawaii
    Hi freeze me a subscription going just.
  4. herp miracle
    herp miracle kawaii
    hello, my client said hwid does not match, help me
  5. heola901
    heola901 ivan2301
    Ahuennij saller
  6. GiDioN
    GiDioN kawaii
    reset id pls
  7. Dallas
    Dallas kawaii
    reset pla me!
  8. ivashamagnus
    ivashamagnus kawaii
    reset pla me!
  9. atumko123
    atumko123 ivan2301
    good saller
  10. ololoevsv
    ololoevsv ivan2301
    Good saller
  11. methuela
    methuela kawaii
    hello kawaii :> i need help how to install scripts like the skywrath script? hmm? and is there a way to open the haccks without download same thing over and over again? or how to get the client.exe thingy
  12. mackyyakisushi
    mackyyakisushi kawaii
    admin i need help! i already msg you :) thanks!
  13. Echoitia
    Echoitia Jerffelly
    Man, you there?
  14. evilheart
    evilheart kawaii
    hey admin , i just purchased and my account upgraded ho can i download , i did that since 4 or 5 hours like this
  15. ForaN
    ForaN kawaii
    1. kawaii
      Unfortunately that plugin is no longer maintained (see: ). We use a legitimate copy of Xenforo and it is kept up-to-date with the latest releases. That plugin has not been updated in nearly a year.

      I may test it in private to see how much of it still works fine.
      Apr 9, 2017
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    2. ForaN
      Kawaii, The plug-in was probably not updated due to the lack of text updates in the engine. I tested this plug-in on version 1.5.11, it worked correctly. Sorry for Google translator ;)
      Apr 12, 2017
  16. amirdota2
    amirdota2 christiansimba
    bro would u mind to share where this file dota2reborn.txt + client.txt? also how to reinstall client, is it reinstall hake? thx
  17. podwohan4ik
  18. kira
    kira admin
    pls resetme
  19. kira
    kira kawaii
    pls reset me ty alot
  20. tywigaraa
    tywigaraa kawaii
    reset my hardware id sir