Please make a script.

Jun 27, 2019
Before I joined hake, I saw a video from YouTube that P.A can use critical hack. This make me to join hake. But I just reliase that the video was posted on last year. I hope that scripter can make P. A critical hack, thanks.
This crit hack is simply useless. It's also too obvious for your teammates and even for the enemy players to know u're using something like that.
As far as i know it only cancels your animation until you get a crit proc. I havent tried that script so far, but other cheaters said that its kinda useless.
yep i agree with those people above, PA crit hack in useless since PA is not that OP like the previous one because the meta already did change & PA's skills also. you can't just tank everyone because your 3rd skill is effective for ganking enemies not for tanking in team fights. also the crit chance & other items for PA were also re-scaled so the script your requesting is not much of a use, also risk of getting reported & banned with those scripts is high. you know how hard it is to unlock the MMR in a new DOTA 2 account ? it's 100 Normal Matches, good luck unlocking that if your account gets banned after using a PA script..