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  1. Echoitia
    Echoitia Jerffelly
    Man, you there?
  2. evilheart
    evilheart kawaii
    hey admin , i just purchased and my account upgraded ho can i download , i did that since 4 or 5 hours like this
  3. ForaN
    ForaN kawaii
    1. kawaii
      Unfortunately that plugin is no longer maintained (see: ). We use a legitimate copy of Xenforo and it is kept up-to-date with the latest releases. That plugin has not been updated in nearly a year.

      I may test it in private to see how much of it still works fine.
      Apr 9, 2017
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    2. ForaN
      Kawaii, The plug-in was probably not updated due to the lack of text updates in the engine. I tested this plug-in on version 1.5.11, it worked correctly. Sorry for Google translator ;)
      Apr 12, 2017
  4. kira
    kira admin
    pls resetme
  5. kira
    kira kawaii
    pls reset me ty alot
  6. tywigaraa
    tywigaraa kawaii
    reset my hardware id sir
  7. azure
  8. zickless
    zickless Jerffelly
    excuse me sir i have bot lua script from developer. Can u pls help me adapt to use auto farming lane function?
  9. Alfred Xia
    Alfred Xia kawaii
    Hi, Kawaii. Do you know how can I get a hero's ability list after myhero = hero.getLocal()? Thanks!
  10. rostik637060
    rostik637060 kawaii
    Good day. Tell me when the API?
  11. tuski
    tuski kawaii
    Could you tell me why always show the download failure?
  12. wbbzsa
    wbbzsa kawaii
    how to be seller?
  13. wbbzsa
    wbbzsa kawaii
    hi , , can you answer my question? + 100
  14. wbbzsa
    wbbzsa kawaii
    Hello, can you answer my question?
  15. wbbzsa
    wbbzsa kawaii
    Hello,admin, want buy 100-200 account , Contact who ? sorry my en is not good ,
  16. wbbzsa
    wbbzsa kawaii
    2411-9017-9796-0489,record ID ,card X-6835
  17. wbbzsa
    wbbzsa kawaii
    forums id 130290615 paid ,2016/09/14 2016/09/14
    15:57:24 , i can't upload pic for detial . i used paypal, paypai temp id , Mail . mr 陈 , my bank show Consume 53.54¥ ,chinese card
  18. wbbzsa
    wbbzsa kawaii
    hi , i update a Account ID:130290615 , I paid the money , but not work, can u help me ?
  19. ywigaraa
    ywigaraa kawaii
    reset please
  20. Dmitryiq
    Dmitryiq kawaii
    Help plz.

    Eror: "Your login credentials were not accepted" - x32 or " The username or password is incorrect" - x64 Why? I buy this program for 3 mounth and I buy these 20 august.
    What should I do?