Кидала ДабСтэп Смит и форум UHF | SCAM UHF

Jun 11, 2017
СНГ аудитория поймёт всё по видео, прошу прощение за бота, но там всё по факту
Hello, dear English-speaking forum users.
In this video, I tried to tell people about a man like Dubstep Smith.
He has his own channel on Youtube with 35,000 subscribers.
And he throws his subscribers on very big money.
Once he was engaged in deception and on this forum, which greatly influenced cheat hake.me in the CIS.
Because a person bought a cheat through stolen cards.
After that, the refund was sent to PayPal.
And the developer had to unsubscribe from users to whom Dubstep Smith sold subscriptions