Dota 2 6k Player Testimoni: GG New Invoker Auto Combo Features

Oct 17, 2015
My favourite hero is Invoker since the begining; been learning n keep learning this hero all time when i was started playing dota over 3years ago..i could see a huge difference the way i play between back then and now. but theres something i still need to improve,
; as you know during the late game, the lift of tornado becomes more longer and this will makes my meteor missed landed on some enemy heroes ;

but then, u guys released this auto combo features on invoker lmao; this auto-combo feature is really damn OP tbh xD everything was damn accurate and non stop combo; thanks for this new feature man 12/10 would buy again

-ps: this is my 3rd purchase on here,

1st time using: i been using this thing for the first time when i was stuck at 3k, then with tht mutherfking sumthing like "maphack" features, i was able to make it until 4k.

2nd purchased: when u purchased for the 2nd time, the "maphack" features get patched by valve; pretty upset by that, and by that time im just using this hack just for the awareness of "invisible by enemy" in mmr. Some of the specific heroes hack, i was only used them at public games for trolling huehuehuehue

3rd purchased: im pretty surprised for this hack that keep updating all time; before this, theres no such invoker auto combo hahhah; im pretty exited to use it in mmr and abuse my mmr again seems the invoker is my favourite hero of all time huehuehue,. the "map hack of courier" is a new feature that im proud with <3 keep it on the good work; i will keep supporting u guys like i always do >:D

roses are red
violets are blue
thank you
btw; plis gangbang and fk my english grammar ty;
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Can you explain how the invoker auto combo works, are you using any script with this cheat? I was trying to play Invoker with auto combo option activate but i have no idea how this works...can u do a short tutorial for this?