Absolutely love the new script creators showing up


Dec 15, 2017
United States
I personally enjoy and find it awesome when I see people taking on their interest in creating scripts. I've gotten a few messages personally on people who want to become script creators but are either too intimidated to start or just don't know where to start. I've been helping out when I can and fully recommend contacting others who've proved willing or helpful such as @unknownone1992 or @paroxysm for questions as well. If they're up to it that is, their decision. I think if you're truly fascinated by a hero such as Pudge, IO, or whoever it may be and want to see an awesome script for them if it's not already created or functioning, to take the challenge and take baby steps learning lua coding while asking questions along the way.

Because the best scripts for specific heroes or utilities have ALWAYS been by those who clearly has a strong preference for that hero or etc. Perfect examples are the SkywrathHake by @Splinterjke or the extremely detailed AIO utility script by @foo0oo who specifically enjoyed the utility portion of Dota during his time here, @unknownone1992 is your go-to Micro guy (ex: Chen script), or @paroxysm (The GUI script Senpai!). The more script creators, the better and more balance other creators will feel, and as a result, the better this community will be. I don't care if you are nervous about what others might think of your script, you're just starting out so do your best and who cares what haters may say. You will gradually improve, so keep your head up. I know how intimidating and etc things may be, I've lived a long life lol. Take the challenge and you'll find it's well worth it and you can apply the new skill outside of just Dota and make GREAT financial income with that. Good luck fellow future scripters! :)

PS: Show the love to those that put forth the effort to give you guys scripts. Thanks! ;)
Splinter made that script for himself cuz he plays this hero. He is never going to code anyting for someone else(for free).
We will be helping the situation soon by improving our documentation once we iron out the issues with our beta version.
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