Account upgreade using Skrill payment method


Sep 7, 2017
Hello guys,

Some time ago I havent money on my paypal to upgrade so I decided to sell my in-game items at There was a lot of problems during this way and for sure it was last time when I used opskins, but nevermind... Actually I have 9,50 USD on my Skrill account. Is there any way to use it to get Hake 1 month membership?

Maybe you know people that are collecting money on Skrill and they can give me this back at Paypal? I mean I could give them 9,50 USD and they send me 7 USD on Paypal :D

I've got WORKING solution for people with similar problems (exchange Skrill -> Paypal -> Hake :D). If you want to know more, feel free to send me PM.