AFK bot

Oct 12, 2017
Hi guys, somebody told me that there is a type of afk bot, something that searches for a game, picks hero etc and afks without getting abandon , reason is to farm lvl 20 trophy to play ranked calibration. Just wanted to confirm that there's such a script because I can't find any information about it, before i buy..
Someone coded a nice bot who play when you are afk, it's working fine and there is a hake feature who auto accept games.
There is also another feature who is supposed to auto-queue, but it actually never worked for me (and for a lot of other users, seems about all the threads made about it, just crashing the game when the first one is ended)
But whatever, if you want to xp fast like that, your bracket will be so low that you will probably calibrate under 1k. At a pinch you could try that in lp