Jun 18, 2018
Hi @stephanie … I’m blabla (main account,i made this one just because i got no answer from u to a mail related to related hake,me paypal account) in ur forum and i have a big big problem… my old phone is broken now and the google authenticator that gave me the code to log in is irrecoverable,so im unable to log in in the forum…
Could u kindly reset it or provide me the solution to allow me to re enter in the forum with google auhtenticator code pls?
I hope u understood my problem and i wish u a gr8 day..

Ty in advance!

*Copied and pasted from the mail...

Hope now someone will help..

Also provide pls a valid email support address..
I've disabled two step verification on the account, you should be able to log in now.

EDIT: I've also extended you by 4 days.
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