Any new changelog?

  • Refactored Visible to Enemy code
  • Fixed a memory leak in Show Hidden Spells
  • Most of the features that don't draw anything now execute after entities are updated, rather than every frame* See note
  • Orb Walker will now only move towards the target if the target is also moving
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* This is to improve performance of not only the game, but also the features. Features should be able to react slightly faster now, as they run as soon as entities finish updating, rather than every frame. Feature execution should theoretically be locked to either 30/second now or to cl_updaterate. This should improve game performance as well since they don't execute as fast as possible.
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No there was a problem with this feature and stephanie thought that this function was fixed from valve. But it's not fixed and the feature is working again.
Exactly what the name says. You have several effects you can choose from.
If you are visible to the enemy, this affect is shown around your hero.