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Dec 20, 2021
hello guys. can u teach me how can i use arc warden scripts FAIO? when i use combo key it only casts the ult. ty
try this.. use ur own keys ofcourse. Also use cursor push mode which is better than auto push mode. Clone will teleport to nearest creep on ur cursor when pressing push key. PS: disable auto blink usage on main arc warden. That shit will get you killled.
When comboing if you want your clone to change targets press combo clone key again on top of another hero, otherwise clone will keep chasing current target until dead or vision is obstructed.


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I don't play arc anymore because not in meta and very hard to farm early game in high mmr.In early game you have to keep track of your clones midas cooldown. Whenever your clones midas is off cooldown then you summon him on a lane or jungle to midas and farm until you have maelstorm then boots. Then you let clone tp push on empty lanes and farm jungle until you get bkb. If your team is winning then you push with them, if not you play rat dota with the clone tp push forcing opponent tps to deal with arc clone. I suggest you make clone combo key different from faio key as clone will stop pushing and run to you if you use same key. Builds vary from game to game but hex is a great item to chain cc someone to death. Once you hit 6 in early game you have a great kill potential, so save clone to fight until you have midas.
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