[ASK] problem , answer my question pls

Jul 20, 2017
1.Do possible if HWID saving to usb ? like flashdisk or harddisk external ?
2.CPU usage is too high if using hack
(client.exe = 25 )
( dota2.exe w/ hack = 48 - 80 , w/o hack = 19-24 )
fyi : high usage cpu makes my fps drop

what should i do for solve this problem ?
thanks admin


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May 17, 2015
Using the client on a flash drive isn't officially supported, and may cause HWID problems. As for your high CPU usage issue, you might want to try deleting the community scripts you've installed. Try playing a game with the normal hake features, see if the problem goes away.

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Yeah, Might be a good idea to try look to upgrade your system somehow. The hack is a wonderful tool for Dota2, seems like you need a better CPU, might be worth looking for a cheap second hand PC if you have the money with a better CPU. pm me if you need help in looking for a cheap pc I can guide you.