Autochess Dev commands?

Apr 7, 2019
Why do i feel that you are able to create an overlay and spoof your steam id into the devs to access commands in game. Maybe you have addressed this somewhere or maybe you dont want it known. Ive recently gotten into Autochess, which was late and did some research and seen that cheating is an issue. I dont mind fighting fire with fire but i also havent done any of the leg work as of yet. Pms would be fine or lets discuss. Mabye im just barking up the wrong tree since you seem to be a for profit server.
If i replace original "\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\570\1613886175.vpk" files, without notifying dota2 map check, that might be possible via several ways( might enough to just use known hacks for dota, might be some more) but either way's if u do so or if u change your steamid to id of developers
if string.find(GameRules:GetGameModeEntity().steamidlist,'76561198101849234') or string.find(GameRules:GetGameModeEntity().steamidlist,"76561198090931971") or string.find(GameRules:GetGameModeEntity().steamidlist,"76561198132023205") or string.find(GameRules:GetGameModeEntity().steamidlist,"76561198079679584") then
`GameRules:GetGameModeEntity().myself = true`

any of these.
Then u would have access to hidden commands(by developers)
like this one
if tokens[1] == '-mana' and GameRules:GetGameModeEntity().myself == true then

`AddMana(hero, 100)`


It gives 100 mana for your hero if u type in chat -mana.
Not to mention if u have direct access to send commands passing chat, u can use -gold -refresh -wtf and any other command, that are restricted in server by simple chat check .

Ive left out some of the coding but generally speaking this cant be detected just have to update the maps vpk file as it updates.
Which should be easy enough to do with the source editor