Dota 2 Awesomeness

May 19, 2016
Hi all,

Wanted to write a quick line about this amazing hack.

So first of all the quirky points that you have to LEARN before complaining on here :)

- The auto last hit: If you have this on, you have to walk next to a creep for it to activate so sometimes, you may miss it. Once you get used to the way it works it becomes really easy especially on ranged heroes like sniper and drow. It takes into account the travel time of the projectile. I've been consistently the highest last hits on the game because of this.

- Pudge auto hook: For this to work properly make sure its all turned on then press F (default) just beyond the hero you want to hook. If you click on them it doesnt work as well. Pressing just beyond them lets the client work out what movements the enemy is making and then hooks them. Again, it takes some getting used ISNT an auto seeking hook machine that turns corners to catch people.

Those were the two points ive found so far but...

Thank you. Such an awesome client which makes dota a little bit more enjoyable without it being too "radical" to get noticed every game.
Good points. Dota 2 has more features , map hack critics etc etc , things that must be improved in order to buy safely. I'm not saying that to be detected , I say this because there are things that fail. If this hack was complete would buy again.