buying hack with dota 2 skins

Feb 16, 2016
Hello guys my stupid country blocked bitcoin payment for some time also my country is not available for paypal payment so my only solution is for a person to gift me a 1 month hack and i pay him extra 2 $ which means total 10$ worth of dota 2 items that he desires. I already have 10$ on my steam wallet, if someone is interested pm me.

For the genius people i already contacted the reseller that accept dota 2 skins but he still didnt answer for like 2 days. So i'm tired of waiting

Thank u
yes thats what im saying i contacted singh the reseller that accept dota 2 skins but he didnt answer yet its been more than 2 days
If you buy me this, I will pay your subscription of Desolation Thunderbolt Heavenly Jump!

I can't buy stuff from market because my account is not old enough, but I'll be able to accept the items u send me right?
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there is a little problem ( Trade cooldown ) see photo below. Can you gift me the hack today and after the cooldown is removed i will send u the items directly.


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