Cheat being exposed to public

Mar 24, 2016

I'm worried that the cheat may be fixed by valve cause of some user don't know how to use the HACK.
I'm not subscriber now but i'm still worried to this community, i hope users who buy this hack should also take responsibility.
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@stephanie True .. i suggest, we should go mouse pointer to look to the stunnd hero, then start invoking eee suntrike... then cast sunstrike for safty feature option like ... wat say ?
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Actually is not just about the sunstrike - mouse and camera. since most of the hake cheat has this behavior. changing only 1 cheat is not worth.
many heros have this like techies mines explode even when you dont look at that section there are many ways. A good way to bypass this is to move the camera to that location its only way, i mean everyone has access to replay, if this is supposed to be the most secure cheat i think these anti measures should be implemented at least. But since custom LUA scripts are here there should not be a reason why we cant make something ourselves. Wish monies was coding here already.