client.exe issues

Oct 4, 2015
After I run the download, client.exe downloads into the folder, however this is where I've run into issues.

90% of the time, nothing happens
10% of the time, client.exe will start, but once I start steam, it crashes.

This is a new issue, since it worked a few hours ago.
If you have downloaded any new programs, try turning them off. Turn off any anti-viruses. Turn off any unneeded programs. I know I say this a lot, but it will actually help the client function properly.

If you want me to try helping you directly, download and send me a private message with the ID and password it gives you. That is, if you're okay with me having remote access to your computer.
I actually do disable all of my firewall settings beforehand, I just thought this was a new issue since I haven't changed anything and it actually worked about 4 hours ago. But I'll give it another go later tongiht then go from there.

Thank you
If you have any programs related to the Razer Kraken, try turning them off. I just did this for someone else and it fixed client.exe issues.