Sep 8, 2017
I made a pause with this Hack because the banwave. Now i heard it is safe like before. But is it Safe like before with all functions like Auto Attacks and LAstHits and something? Or can u say me what functions now safe to Play?
Hake was never advertised as being 100% safe. That should be known upfront, and the statement still holds. But yes, the devs pushed an update that included the humanizer. As long as you have it enabled (I recommend keeping it on the default settings) you should be fine. It's compatible with all scripts, including the ones you mentioned. I myself would still stay away from scripts that use a lot of orders, such as arc warden and skywrath. If you are really paranoid, there is a safe mode feature that will only allow you to use awareness features that haven't ever been detected yet. People have been using the humanizer without safe mode for a while though and don't think there has been any issues.
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