Could not connect to Steam Network?

Oct 8, 2015
Anyone getting this errror? Steam loads ok without but when i load dota thru hake it wont connect to steam netowrk.
same here. i was able to launch dota with hake 3 hours ago, after i restart the client i couldn't connect to steam client
Can't even log into steam now.
Seriously, bought this thing to make my life a little easier in game against 4 clowns and 5 surprisingly coordinated opponents, and now I can't even log in. Thanks for nothing.
I found a solution thru a reddit post. Deleted a file called localconfig.vdf that can be found on your PC in a path like this C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\512985152\config when you can't connect to steam network. You have to find out what is your account's userdata number that you log in and use hake with. Good luck!