Couple of questions related hake.

Jun 15, 2018
Hi guys, potential new user here. Before subbing i have couple of questions related to hake.

1. Dota 2 was updated recently and 7.17 is here now, is hake still compatible with 7.17?
2. I just viewed couple of videos arc warden cheating, does hake supports arc warden script?
3. Is orb walker and last hitting feature safe to use, I mean anyone catch watch where your pointer is...
4. Is hake good for mmr boosting?
5. Which heroes you will recommend for mmr boosting(carry, supports etc..)
6. Whats your overall experience with hake, do you love playing with it?

Much appreciated and see you on the battle field!
2.not default, but you can find & install them into hake via the forums
4.depends how good you are at dota regardless of the cheats, if you suck youre still going to suck
5.zeus/invoker/heros like am are also good just because you can always see when you're being rotated on. a good program with good devs & site admins that do their best.
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Just adding to what he said above... Cmon bro.. how could you forget Skywrath fucking mage? hahaha You get to support and carry at the same time. :)
Eh i dont fuck with the skywrath script, its just wayyy too blatant & its so obvious that youre cheating. Imo people spamming that will be the downfall of these cheats because theyre the only thing that gets on reddit frontpage; skywrath cheaters.. because its just so obnoxious. Imo you don't need that to win games, but yeah to each their own.