Detections. What about detections?

Nov 13, 2015
How many times have this hack been detected?
Interested into buying it..

I want to know everything about bans.
Reports of Steam VAC Bans : 0
Reports of Low Priority because of abusing the features : 2

Most you can get is a 30 day "ban" haven't seen anything related to that.
Thanks for the report singh, you guys have a new subscriber, I love your stuff man, it's awesome.
Most games usually do mass bannings though. A lot of games will do ban waves, rather than indiividual occurances.

So far no bans confirmed.. if you are that worrried, use on a smurf account?
It's fine as long as your running the VAC disabler with a low privileged account aka UAC on and steam runs steamservice.exe instead of loading the module into Steam.exe It should be 100% safe.