Did I expire or what?

Mar 22, 2016
Ok by my local time my account should be expired however I'm successfully being able to login to hake client and everything works until I start Dota 2, I see dota 2 loading screen and after few seconds it crashes.
I thought my account expired (which it should) however as you can see on picture above there's no button to buy it again, only gift, and when I try to gift it to myself I can't, so what's the problem :( ?
Hey, yeah I thought it should block me from logging in, that's why everything was so strange, and yesterday I was playing with no problems.

Now I tried again to log in and it worked fine, dota started without problems, probably some strange thing fucked it up and in meantime it resolved itself (lol).

Anyways thread can be closed, but still it would be nice if we could add another month to our sub before old one expires.
after your sub expires, you will still be able to log-in to the client, but it will show " no subscription available"