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Jul 7, 2015
Hey guys;

ive been thinking a long time about buying hake. But before i subscribe i would have some questions.

1. Since I dont play on smurfs is it safe to use on my main account? (I know nothing is 100% safe but do you use it on your main?)

2. Were there any VAC bans before? Did you get hit by the recent VAC Wave?

3. Im a 5k player aspiring to go to 6k. What are the main tools i can use to get there?

Im looking forward to some good answers and hope to be part of the hake community soon ;-)

Hi might be able to help.

been using scripts injectors back in 2014 on and off till now

I bought this software after different free versions of similar stuff stop being supported plus no content was being added.

the amount of content this client had back when I first purchased when crit hacks was still a thing and map hacks is now more overshadowed by the community driven and client content of now, so with content out the way.

Have I been banned, short answer I have no knowledge of anyone being banned from VAC in dota 2 since day one.

Now the tools aspect there are many to name a few there are scripts can auto-cast, auto dodge to help relieve the amount of buttons need to be pressed, tp detection helps you see people when they tp without vision these are just a few thing which can help.

*this is just a note as there is a bug for me anyway might not happen to you but when using the client if I don't press the search button quickly I will be given an error code stopping me from searching for a game, you can, however, cancel as soon as you hit the button.

hope this helped
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