{GFX} Do you need an Avatar?


Oct 27, 2015
I am going to be doing some free quick Avatar Requests if anyone so wishes to grab one.

Some of my work that I could find quickly.
http://imgur.com/a/jO5Ua - Random Graphics
https://daljodh.xyz/hakeavi - Pre-made Themed Avatars

Please provide the following in your reply

  1. Render / Theme
  2. Colors
  3. Text or None
  4. Additional Information
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@stephanie Is it a bug too where we cannot include images in posts? Also what is/will be the limit on sizes for posts? (Really want 100-200kb so we can upload .png files (transparent background)
1. H1Z1 + CSGO (If cannot then just do H1Z1)
2.Any colour that cool like Neon colour or what
Hello, I will be making all avatars requests tomorrow afternoon!

Thank you
no offense but u should work on ur entire photoshop knowledge those works remind me of early 2000 like myspace times
i guess u aint doing it for to long dont u?