having co-hake-user in enemy team

Oct 25, 2015
heey guys just wanted to ask what do u do when u encounter a hake user in enemy team??
cuz i encountered a user and told me that he will report me and i got 5 reports i mean if we are a user and we lose with a co user can we just accept it as a man? by doing this reports and telling someone they r hacking when we ourselves is hacking is just being a dick and making hake more exposed more than it is now,
like guys seriously. we should not waste our reports by reporting a co-user instead we should report toxic players,mid feeders and trolls like who knows when they will end up in our team next game we play?

-just a random hake-user
ive played with this random hake user , we started arguing after we picked out designated lanes for some reason. long story short, i noticed that the way he set up before the duel with his items was really fast so that was when i figured out that he was also a script user, and btw also, he stopped trashtalking and probably realized that i was one of the user here as well because of the way i set up the lina combo.

ive been against with some script users but never encountered like the one you had.also still alot of players believe that you cant use any sort of cheats in dota 2 and we only have 2 legit hack provider atm unlike csgo where you can find it everywhere lol. so ya, what im trying to say is that guy is exposing this website and telling those innocent or legit players that dota hacks/cheats actually exists.
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