Hello im thinking buying hake

Mar 9, 2017
Hello guys , first of all im 4.8 k mmr player and im not using any script because i was following ensage for last 3-4 months and their scripts are for 1k mmr players imo.

Only visiblebyenemy might do some good but its not worth paying 15$ a month.

Ensage is developing so slowly and im not happy with it.

Im curious if you guys have naga siren auto farm/push script? if you do i will buy subscription.
(Since a good naga siren script is better than maphack and its a true freemmr. I dont know if you knew about old ensage but in there a developer named moones made a naga script and i reaced 5.5k mmr with it and i was a noob that times... Naga is a chaos hero even if your team loses 1-20 after you buy radi you can split push the hell out of enemy and they cant push - control the game and they lose.)

So im waiting for your answer ? do you have a naga script or will you make one ?
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As far as I'm aware, we don't have a naga script. However, you could always put in a request to have it made.