Help downloading


Jun 7, 2021
I used this for my Dota 2 before. I subscribed but i cannot remember where to download. Can someone lead me to instructions again? Thanks
The download link is visible to subscribers at the top of the forum list. It's under "Download".
Thanks. Now, when I launch the file, the Hake startup screen appears and when it disappears, my pc just hangs.
Are you running any programs that might interfere with the client? Anti-viruses or similar? Could you also try closing out of any unnecessary programs?
I turned off any firewall or anti viruses but it still hangs. Are there any windows required files that have to be downloaded/updated? I last played with this more than a year ago.
Do you know what OS you're using and what build it is?
You need to run a Windows update. That build is almost 4 years old.