Help plz

Oct 6, 2015
Start client..Downloading your request from the server....waiting for 10 min and notning - Exit - reboot and Waiting for dota!
It is very uncomfortable! (started with 2nd or 3nd time)
stephanie said:
Alright, I fixed this for Samuel (in a strange way).

For anyone having this issue:
  1. Log into client.exe with the VAC disabler checked
  2. If you get "VAC is already disabled", skip to step 5
  3. Once you get "VAC Disabler ready", restart client.exe
  4. Log in again, except with "VAC Disabler" unchecked
  5. Select "Dota 2 Reborn Beta" and press Start
You should then get "Waiting for dota2.exe" instead of "Downloading your request". Even though VAC Disabler is unchecked, it is still disabled from having it checked earlier.

For some reason, our server disconnects some users after the VAC disabler is downloaded. This might have to do with strange network interruptions with our server provider, I'm not sure.
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