i have a few questions to ask before buying

Jan 30, 2016
hi. my name is syairul. i'm interested in buying this hack. i have successfully re-activate my paypal account and before i make any payment, i would like to ask some questions first - just to make sure everything's ok.

1) i don't have my own Personal Computer(PC) or laptop - i play my dota at cyber cafe. when steph wrote that this hack is only for 1 PC, i assume that u guys implemented the HWID-thinggy to protect the hack from leechers. (i play FPS game before (and bought VIP hack as well) - they applied the same mechanism to protect their hack)

is it still possible for me to buy this hack? (and get it running). i know it's not recommended, since there's a lot of PC's here at my hometown's cyber cafe, but i always choose this one PC (PC number 14 - due to it's location (near air-cond, close to toilet etc2).

2) since i'm new to dota scene (only been playing for a month) - last hitting creep and camera esp is the features that intrigued me the most. i know that the camera esp doesn't work (patched), but is there any features in the hack that'll help me not to get ganked? and about last hit feature, do i have to tap the bind key once, and my hero will auto last hit? steph gave the link to explain about this in other post, but when i clicked, and error msg popped out saying that i dont have privilege to view the link.
1) You can choose some PC in Cafe and buy hake for this PC (hake use HWID system for checking pc ). And always use only this.
But its bad idea. I think more other guys play Dota in cafe. And if one time u get ban - everybody in this cafe have chance get it too.

2) Yes, VisibleByEnemy can help u not be ganked. It shows u when enemy see you.
Also, auto disable can help u alive. It disable enemy very fast when he blink near u.
Yes, lasthit work awesome. Hold one key, click on creep and it will lh him. Or u can ON auto-lasthit, with this function u dont need press something.

Also, u can see video, how hack works.

Sry for myenglish, hope u can understand me.
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well, my english is not good either - english is not my native language. and yes, i do understand what u're saying.

if i stick to PC 14 when buying this hack, the hack will work just fine right? then it's settled. i'm buying it. haha. thank you for your reply. i want to read more on payment method and dota2 32 bit.
nah it's fine. after i log out from the computer, it will auto restart. they're using deepfreeze software here, to restore all settings to one secure checkpoint.
Sorry for that. Thanks for the answer tho. Im not even subscribed, but its just too much fun to help people.
It's okay. It's just that most of these threads are old, and by people who don't even have subs.