I have doubts about the state of hake

Nov 16, 2015
As I can not see the status of Hake I would like to know if they have already improved the hack on the bans, there is no information here or in SUTATUS of hake.
I bought it for a month and only used it 2 days (I had exams that week) and just when I enter the forum I see that there are several bans by 2038.
I do not use it since then, have you found the problem or failure? I want to renew and use the hack without bans.
We have released 2 updates targeting this issue specifically and have been testing it ourselves along with our users. The last update was on the 22nd and both @stephanie and I have been safe (we started testing this update a few days prior to its release). Other users have confirmed being safe with this update as well but there have also been some reports contradicting it. I see that you've subscribed now so you can just follow the stickied thread (https://hake.me/forums/threads/regarding-recent-matchmaking-bans.20478/) for more information.