I'm looking for SpaceBar to Win.

Nov 22, 2017
any such space bar to win combo , good fluent for any fun hero.

i was looking into ensage, but people said use hack instead.

not looking for supporting 'my skill' i care not for that, i just care about 'space bar to win' and such.

does hack support such things?
Yes here are User Scripts, and some of them have "Spacebar to Win" = Press 1 Key and your Hero will attack use Spells and Items in rights Order.
But you have to set it ip to your needs.

Try it out, if you dont like it try Ensage :)
there is the skywrath press key to kill script wich is absolutely op , and the arcwarden one press key to kill , very op also , besides these 2 i dont know if there are any more that are as op as the 2 i have told u

oh there is the zeus one wich is also powerfull press key for combo