Is FAIO updated for the last patch?

Aug 31, 2017
Hello everyone. My sub has ended and I can't check it by myself. I've seen that fooo0 was online yesterday. Can you tell me guys, is FAIO updated or it's still broken as usual?
I don't wanna lose my money so that's why I'm asking. Thank you in advance.
Hola a todos. Mi suscripción ha finalizado y no puedo comprobarlo por mí mismo. Vi que fooo0 estuvo en línea ayer. ¿Pueden decirme chicos, está actualizado FAIO o todavía está roto como de costumbre?
No quiero perder mi dinero, por eso pregunto. Gracias de antemano.
ImagínateImagine that I bought it for 6 months and I was only playing it for three months. I still have my subscription until the end of July and I stopped playing the whole thing because the antibac system that we were given had failed. I continued playing but some files had already failed some scripts began to fail not all but only some scripts did not give an answer they did not give a solution and I still do not know if it is still working badly wrong wrong or right