Is it safe now?

28. Februar 2023
Gameplay Update
Disabled some functionality used by third-party tools:
- Disabled the "record" command in matchmaking games. This was used to record, in realtime, a local demo that would contain information that wasn't intended to be visible to the client during a game. Demo recording is still enabled for local lobbies to enable SFM and community content creation.
- Disabled a large number of console commands during matchmaking games that could be used to introspect client state. For example, "dota_lobby_debug", "cl_dota_ambient_tree_shake_cooldown", and "dev_simulate_gcdown" no longer function in these games, while "ping", "disconnect", and "dota_toggle_autoattack" still do.

- Player profiles can no longer be accessed in matchmaking during the pregame phase. They can still be accessed once the picking phase ends.

did this break any features?