Is script being updated?


Jul 23, 2021
Hi guys i have been using this script for about a year but i noticed that many function slowly stopped working for example i used to see enemy exact position when jungliing, i could see enemy TPing and so on, those functions are still in menu but dont work, anybody has any idea what would be the issue, is it me doing something wrong or developers are no longer actively updating script
If you're talking about the built-in functionalities of Hake, they're usually kept up to date. However, community scripts aren't updated as frequently and therefore may not work in the current patch
Yes im talking about built-in ones, its not working for me how is that possible then? it used to work properly back then but now it simply dosnt work, am i supposed to turn on something besides those functions? should i activate them somehow? not sure if it changed, currently im only using function where you are bright when being seen by enemies to destroy enemy wards, that seems like the only function working for me
Maybe your config got reset, you might want to turn off "Safe Mode" if you're trying to use features that automates actions
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Yes its true Safe Mode is on, but that means high risk of being detected by VAC, though im not making obvious moves, i dont want any scripts that automates my hero, i just want to know little more about my enemy, is it safe to use these? What Safe Mode actually means ?