Is this safe?

Apr 2, 2021
My question is,is this safe,and how much i have chance to be cought?Also for what u guys using this cheats the most,thank you.
P,s. this is my first time,and i want to be informed a little before i start `adventure`☺️
Start game, pick pos1, use map awareness + vision esp (if enemies see you or not). Then just play like you normally would.

Buy 5 sentries on early game, just roam map while farming with antimage/jugger etc. and deward. get extra gold + experience meanwhile you are farming. if enemy tp on you or they use smoke, you already know. so, you escape. this will make you an uncatchable carry. also use auto antimage ulti. it is really useful.

besides this, if you are in 0-1.5k mmr bracket -> spam shadow fiend and use combo. get euls+blink+bkb and automated ulti cast will make you win the game. you can also auto-cast sf's raze.

there are a lot of functions in hake hack, these are just examples and actually 1% of it. if you want to get banned you can use Arc Warden and win everygame but you will probably get insta banned.

Yes! It has a humanizer. so if someone replays your game, they will actually see your mouse moving normally. however, I would NOT recommend these:
*invoker: auto-suntrike
*arc warden: auto illusion farmer
*illusion farmers
*illusion splitters
*lina auto eul combo (it times so perfectly that it is so obvious that its cheating but players might think you are just a good player)
*ANY auto push hero (natures prophet, lycan)
*meepo (playing meepo with scripts is even harder than normal actually and fast poof can be detected by enemy)

So, is it safe? depends on you. play accordingly to your bracket and you will be fine.
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So, is it safe? depends on you. play accordingly to your bracket and you will be fine.
I have a question about Jungle maphack. If someone replays my game, can they also see someone pop up at minimap?