Issues with subscription


Nov 13, 2015
Hello there!

Have yourselves a beautiful afternoon.

I had a 6 months sub, I paid 40$USD for it, 2 hours later since I paid paypal decided to open up an investigation to that payment, which I suppose that was on hold on your end. It was kinda suspicious to them because I did the payment from my phone, and that might have fucked things up, so they requested my ID, and everything else.

I called paypal and now everything has been resolved and the money has been released back to you guys again, please check since I don't have the subscription back again.

Thanks for allowing us to be part of this great community, and big thanks to stephanie for bringing the hack to the x64 version, I've been here like 5 months now or so (with sub), no clue how much I've been here without sub lol.
I'll bring this to the attention of someone who can handle account upgrading. It might take a bit, but we'll sort it out.
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