Manuals and instructions

Apr 19, 2020
Hey everyone, Do we have manuals or some kind of step by step instructions on installation of this script after downloading? I'm not able to find the instructions. I tried to ask from admins but no one is available right now.

I've purchased the tool today. After you purchase the tool you simply needs to download the tool from the main website under forums. Tool is pretty straight forward there is not such difficult procedure to install it. Download and run then login with your account and select x64 x32 bit as per your choice or beta client it will automatically download the loader for you. Then it will simply inject and automatically starts the game. In game you will se menu. Home button to open main menu or insert to open smaller version of menu.
Remember to keep the loader in one place(folder/location). Don't change the location to avoid any kind of issue and conflicts.
No need to run game from steam, loader runs the game for you automatically.
Have fun

Thanks to @kawaii @Mathdarkmoon
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