My account dont update

Feb 21, 2017
Hello, i purchased nearly 2 hours ago with bitcoin, but my account looks not updated (
I have read that is automatically updated). sorry for my english

BitPay requires one confirmation from the bitcoin network for the transaction to be considered successful. Often times, transactions are confirmed quickly, but sometimes they get delayed. In this case it is likely that your transaction has been delayed.

I'll send you a PM with a link to where you can view the details about the transaction so that you may monitor it.
Hello, 6 days later. How much need confimations on bitpay? Now 97. First time pay with bitcoin, its shitpay
I don't know how you issued the payment, but I did test our BitPay integration today to make sure everything was working. I used coinbase as my wallet for the transaction and it was approved in under 2 minutes. I see now that your payment has been confirmed by the network though so I've upgraded you.

Sorry for the delay,