My mom and dad

Feb 20, 2016
You know, today I felt that I received the necessary set of scripts to play DotA and feel comfortable. I'm talking about the last hit update.
I felt maternal care, as if my mother again took care of me and all of us and gave us something to eat that we all love so much. It's a nice day today!
Of course, I wish that Stephanie spoiled me more with all sorts of delicious things in Heik, but I am satisfied.
I also dream that my foster dad would return and give me the happiness to have fun again with an updated and advanced Faio. While I suffer But I do not stop waiting for him and hope that he will return to his mother and will delight us all with yummy!
Firstly, thank you for updating the last hit; it's working perfectly now. Could you also please update the Clinkz combo and add the mega meepo in meepo combo? I'd appreciate it. @stephanie