New Updates?

  • Within the coming days we will be overhauling our website along with releasing updates to our software. Please excuse any downtime that occurs as we release these updates. If users are unable to access their subscription for an extended period of time we will extend them accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.
Oct 4, 2015
  • Added XP Monitor
XP Monitor will show how many enemies are around a creep that's killed. This feature requires at least one visible enemy hero within the creep's XP range to function. As long as one enemy hero is visible, it will tell you how many other heroes just gained experience from that creep kill, even if they aren't visible or are in the Fog of War.

This feature is useful for knowing whether or not you are about to get ganked, or are being baited.

Known bugs:
  • Doesn't work properly when more than one creep dies at the same time (cleave)
  • Neutral camps will show friendly heroes adding to the amount of heroes that are around
  • Fixed for latest update (6.87)
Please let me know if anything isn't working properly. I have not tested every single feature for this update.
  • Added Bloodthorn to Orchid During Attack