Dota 2 No. 1 in Comparison

Jun 30, 2017
I'm writing this after using hake for about 7-8 months.
I used both hake and ensage but I got to say Hake definitely wins in the comparision. I stopped using Ensage after subscribing to Hake and I haven't looked back.

Some reasons why hake is better:
1. Price is cheaper.
2. Scripts are free to everyone. No paid script as of now. Scripts are 99% similar to Ensage. Foo's AIO beats ensage scripts everyday ( He's doing a massive update on his scripts which will be even better)..
3. Updates are very fast mostly within 10-30 minutes every time.
4. Hake is lighter, doesn't cause fps drop like Ensage.
5. Ensage always had large amounts of people getting banned in banwaves but hake has always been the safer one. Last banwave we had less than 12 people complain.
6. Hake is one step ahead of Ensage in terms of getting us secure with updates every time dota updates and the first to implement humanizer.
7. Ensage takes weeks to update on important matters whilst hake is always fast.
8. Customer support cannot be compared. Ensage has dead customer support. I've had issues with the support and Dev's @Ensage.
9. The community here is very alive and open to discussions and help.
10. None of my accounts got banned after using Hake for over 7 months whereas I had my account banned while using Ensage.

While some scripts are definitely better better at Ensage for example Meepo and stuff but you pay like 20$-30$ average just for the script not the software itself and our community is also working on them and we should have them soon.
Undoubtedly, Hake wins over Ensage 99% of the time.

To all the sheep using Ensage, if you read this, give hake a go and you wont be left disappointed.
I don't question a penny I've spent on Hake.
Jun 24, 2017
to all the sheeps using ensage, pls keep using it pls let hake be smaller then the competitors since it helps us the users staying undetected LOL
Jun 24, 2017
btw their working meepo scripts u just have to find them X)
same goes for many other heroes i at least can speak for myself telling u that i got at least 5 scripts that arent that easy to download anymore :D
Jun 24, 2017
share it with the community then :)
allready got one post deleted by an admin for posting content i am either the owner or the coder, nd i am way to lazy to ask every single
coder for permisson.sorry.
its not that much for example nd invoker extension with right click invoker combo ( auto cast forge spirit, alaqurite nd coldsnap by rightclicking heroes or creeps ) nd icewall helper places n icewall when u euls or stuff like that
n old rubick script for auto tele + spell steal ( steals better then the default one from hake )
the meepo one i allready postet once for u
and a phoneix script for the balls + flight + ult