Payment help!

Sep 16, 2016
as thread say.. i want to buy the hack thru paypal and that was the problem i can't purchase it i tried to other website to buy with paypal and its successfully i don't know why i can't pay it from hake paypal. Anyone can help really want to buy it?
If Paypal isn't letting you buy from us, there must be a reason for it. What does it say when you try to use Paypal?
Also fails to renew.

Paypal say :
Unfortunately, you can not complete the purchase at the moment. Go back to the merchant's page and choose another payment method.

sry its google translator
same prblm..i need help..any1 can buy me the hack..i am willing to pay the guy in items or dota for 10$(2 dollars extra)
I've got a feeling the paypal is restricting payment to this webpage already. I tried to renew it and it has the same error message. Afterall paypal is well known for it's inactive and they keep restrict accounts for no reasons.