Dota 2 Personal Review

Sep 6, 2017
Hey guys, for the past months of my subscription I really didn't enjoy it. Why? Because I focused on searching in hake for scripts that will improve my skill. And guess what? I didn't find anything worth it!

Few weeks/months later, I decided to get back to hake and use it again. I asked myself, will scripts make me a better player? Then I realized the answer to my question, a big NO! Hake will not make your skill grow, instead, it will support you.

So this is my review. If you're a noob and tries hake to jump over to the pro's category, then stop dreaming. I realized that using hero scripts is bad for me. I don't enjoy it. So, I decided to just use those normal cheats. The illusion, rune snatcher, and etc. They work the best! You enjoy gaming while hake is there to support you. Just don't abuse scripts. Using op hero scripts tend to make you bad in playing normally. So just stick to using "support cheats" that will support your game. But overall, I want to thank the hake developers for creating such a wonderful app! Hake is good if you are good.

To summarize everything, hake will not make you a pro or improve your skill. Hake will only support you to learn how to be a pro. Just always remember, a skill can't be taught, it is gained through hard work and dedication :) Thank you and long live hake family!
i dont understand , improve for what ? what do you get out of it ? when you quit dota what do you remain with ? i dont get this about supporting you , im fully cheating with skywrath and arcwarden using the one button kill mode , and thats it , dota will never be anything more than that for me , a game , and i enjoy using all the hake scripts here. Its not some serrious supper dupper stuff , its a game lol. This thing about beeing a pro sounds like a child's talk lol srs.
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hake me is like playing the game differently , with big advantages on your side.
Hye, may I ask? I want to know when you guys use this hack, your FPS in game will decrease/drop or not?