pre-sale questions =)

Jan 10, 2021
Hello Everybody.

i came across this page while looking for a bot for dota2. for the simple reason that many friends of mine have been playing dots2 for years, i want to start now and get an advantage with the help of Hake! xD
i have been using bots / cheats in a lot of games over the last 8 years, so i'm a little familiar with the topic ... just as far as dota2 is concerned, an absolute beginner! ^^
that's why I have a few questions about Heke.

1. Does the bot come "out of the box" and can be used straight away?

2. is it very difficult to find the right settings? (especially if you have no experience with dots2?)

3. Are all skills / spells used automatically depending on the situation?

4. Can you let the bot work automatically, so that I "only" have to do the moving myself?

5. How long are the "down times" after updates etc?

6. Has the bot been hit by bannwaves frequently?

... that's supposed to be it for now.
i hope for answers and a good time!