Question be4 buy??

Mar 6, 2016
viet nam
i just play dota 2 at cyber net. if i only play at only a pc, can i purchase this packet??
p/s: i just verify my paypal acc and ready to pay
If you buy the hack and use it at a computer at a computer cafe, you can only use it at that specific computer. We can reset you your HWID weekly if you want to switch computers.
Also, you should be aware that most cafe computers use Deep Freeze, so the hack won't work on them.
To clarify on that: it's only some cafe computers where it won't work due to Deep Freeze. Some computer settings need to be enabled for it to work, and Deep Freeze completely reverts them on computer restart.
You can buy it and try it. If it doesn't work, I can give you a refund.