Regarding the DotA 2 7.00 Update

  • Within the coming days we will be overhauling our website along with releasing updates to our software. Please excuse any downtime that occurs as we release these updates. If users are unable to access their subscription for an extended period of time we will extend them accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.


Staff member
Mar 2, 2015
Hello everyone,

This is just a quick announcement to let everyone know that our service has been updated to work with the latest version of DotA 2 7.00 (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the game).

The time it took for us to update after DotA 2 7.00 was released was approximately 7 hours. If the update had taken longer than one day existing subscriptions would have been extended.

Existing users please report any issues or irregularities to us in the forums.