Dota 2 Review after being a long time user


Apr 3, 2019
I wanted to write a review since I've been a bit more active in the community recently. I've separated it into a few different sections.


The price is very affordable for any country/income. You shouldn't have a problem affording hake.


I have not noticed any impacts on FPS. There are a few crashes every once and a while, but they are making improvements every day to eliminate these.

Script Quality:

The scripts are awesome. They're very easy to install/enable, most are built right into the menu. You won't need to fiddle with anything! People like Foo have written scripts for nearly every hero. If there is a hero that you think should have a script, it likely does! There are scripts for difficult heroes like Invoker, Meepo, Techies, Arc Warden, etc.


The scripting capability is very fleshed out. Scripts can control any part of the game, and the API documentation for the scripting library is amazing. There is also humanization for replays, including moving the camera automatically, moving the cursor, etc. Other platforms lack in comparison to the legitness of hake.


Steph, Kawaii, and others are the best management I've seen on any cheat site. They are very active and vocal to the community, quickly fix downtime, and give estimates when it might take a little longer. The only time the cheat was down for more than a few hours was last year when they had to write the humanization module in order to avoid bans.

They are also constantly working on new features. Most cheat developers stop working on their cheats once they have something good enough to make money. Hake is different, they are always improving the scripting API, adding massive updates such as the GUI Beta, and they've added two more games (TF2 & CSGO) for anyone with a subscription to use. They work hard, despite not needing to for the most part.


Some people were banned last year due to the humanization checks Valve added to Dota 2. This included things like auto hex, casting where your mouse isn't, issuing orders to units that weren't selected, etc. This has ALL been fixed and enabled by default. I was personally not affected by this ban wave (I think luck). There have not been any client-side detections that I know of, only the server sided humanization banwave.

Overall, this site is great, and the staff is great too. If you're a normal user, you'll find it very easy to set up the cheat to your personal liking and receive support when you get stuck. If you're a more advanced user, you'll find plenty of documentation and examples for writing scripts. As a bonus, if you're promoted to a scripter (meaning you release scripts to the public), they generally reward you with free game time.

I came from the competitor that has "sage" in their name, and I can safely say that Hake blows them out of the water. I was always annoyed at bugs, shitty scripts, crashes, etc until I came to hake.
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I must be using it wrongly then, the automated CS/DENY doesn't work at all and I'm too scared to turn humanization off. Is there any advice, proper manual for this? Sorry for being stupid, I guess :p