Dota 2 review

Sep 9, 2020
Before I give my testimony I want to apologize for my horrible English, I am using the translator.

I waited a while to make this testimony about the cheat because I was adapting to the dota and the cheat.
I mean that I tested competitors to be able to make an analysis on which had a superior quality.
Hake is far superior to its competitors, its scripts are well made and easily configurable with the ease of understanding the functions due to his language.
I also want to point out that there is excellent support for the community and it really makes a difference when choosing which platform to use.
Packs with extremely good settings for those who are a beginner and are still trying to understand the cheat, making the customer have a great experience with it.
finally i want to say that i will be a loyal customer while i play dota.
I recommend it to everyone who wants to play with a simple cheat, but very functional and well done.


Sep 3, 2018
most of the scripts are also community made, so the scripts are as powerful as the support from the comunity is, so if you leave commends and let debug info and like developers posts you motivate and help them to make them better and better, i am glad you choose hake it's the best on the market
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