Apr 19, 2018
I haven't used it for over 6 months, use it for a long time on my main account, I intend to use it again now that I'm on vacation, is the trick safe?
Pretty safe if yo use correct humanizer settings.
Also things like zoomhack seem to be safe with humanizer.

That can ofc change.

And to be honest hake is the safest option you have. ALL other cheats have trash humanizers.
I also suffered from this wave of banishment, but then continue using it for months with the humanizer activated and I was fine, thanks to everyone for the feedback.
care to share those correct settings my good sir?

Im fine with these Settings for many Months now.
I read some Users get Ban for things like autodisable or creepblock. I use both but i play on very old Accounts 4+ Years old and i dont got any ban in Months. Some Users say they flag new Accounts more, i dont know if this is true.
Zoomhack seem to be safe again. Use it also for many Months.

Also they ban hard for smurfing so dont swap Accounts to much before you really clean all shit!

What i also have to say i may play around 5 ranked games per Month, and most of the time i play Turbo.

i also would say i highly play for the Ban using all things from sky to arc to naga farm... autodisable.... creepblock...all expliots i can find xD
But nothing for like around 9 Months. :)

Good work from hake :)

Got 2 old accounts banned when testing minority around arpil this year in less then 1 week! ( ofc i used their "humanizer" )
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