May 6, 2017
Hello guys,

I'm just here to let people a couple of warnings, as I have access to some confidential information:

- Don't take this as a light situation. It is serious, not only for yourself, but also for your elders (and specially for them).
- It is highly contagious.
- It is NOT an elder people's disease.
- Children are affected, but not as much as adults, as most of the times they don't even reveal symptoms. Although, they carry the virus and spread it as fast as in the other cases.
- The flu's mortality rates are nothing compared to this, unlike some people spread across the social media.
- The first cases started around October 2019, CDC confirmed this.
- Keep your hands washed, cough to your elbows and avoid public exposure.
- If you feel any symptoms, contact the authorities and wait for their instructions.
- If your government advises quarantine, strictly follow it. Don't go out.

Stay safe, for you and for the others. It is everybody's duty to contain this.